My First 5K

Okay, I realize I haven’t been on here since the beginning of the year, but I’m about to change that. I’m in graduate school full time at NYU. I’ve been interning at a program that provides mental health services to adults and I LOVE IT. Since I’ve started I’ve been able to make tons of baked goods and share them with everyone [I’ll post all the pictures and recipes soon]. However, that’s now why I’m writing this. I’ll be participating in my first 5K on May 17th with my agency to raise money for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). May is Mental Health Awareness month and what better way to celebrate, then to do my first 5K. I have a personal goal of raising $100 and our team has a goal of $1,000. If you guys would be so kind, could you help me out by making any donations possible. I’ve spent over 600 hours interning with these clients and this is my way to give back. So click the link below and help donate. For every dollar donated I’ll match it!

Thanks guys!